TranSpace; a not so new concept, just a really good idea under a different name

TranSpace - An Overview

TranSpace; a not so new concept, just a really good one under a different name. The idea? To provide personal space for Transgendered individuals. Space to change clothes. Space to store clothes. A common place to meet friends before leaving on a night of fun and frolic, or simply a space to meet and visit. A place to get ready for an Emerald City event or a visit to Ingersol.

Welcome to TranSpace. A commercial venture run by 4 lovely Transgendered individuals designed to help you solve some of life’s little problems.

Those of us involved in the development of TranSpace recognize the fact that not everyone can dress at home and leave from there for a meeting, particularly in the summer. We also recognize that some of you may want to go out on other evenings in addition to the first Thursday of the month. And, we understand that storage can be a problem, especially when you have a dual wardrobe and you’re competing with your SO for closet space.

TranSpace is an outgrowth of the combined 100 plus years of experience of the six TG’s who are planning this venture. TranSpace is something new, something we think many TG individuals need. Is TranSpace to replace The Emerald City? Absolutely not! TranSpace is designed to supplement the Emerald City. To make it easier to attend the meetings and functions. It is a private enterprise designed to fill the needs of members of the entire Transgendered community, regardless of their organizational affiliations.

TranSpace is designed to make it easier for Transgendered individuals to dress whenever they desire, to go out whenever they please, and to store their "things" whenever they need. Just think, no more restrictions because of neighbors, daylight, children, or SO’s. Store your things at TranSpace, go there whenever you like, dress in a private dressing area, use the vanity to do your makeup and hair, then meet friends and lounge around in the social area, or embark on your chosen adventure for the day, or night.

For those of you not familiar with our location, we share a building with other small businesses at 10522 Lake City Way NE in Seattle.  We’ve even set aside a social area or "living room" that is furnished with a chair and coffee table. We also have a small refrigerator and microwave oven. Our restroom facilities include one bathroom. 

What’s the cost? Very affordable. Especially if you’re one of those who has to rent a motel room just to get dressed. If you prefer to keep your things at home and just want to bring a suitcase and only use the changing facilities and vanity, a key, which will allow you 24 hour access, will cost you only $35 a month. Or, if you also want the ability to store your things there then just add another $15.

$35 a month for 24 hour access to storage; and a place to get dressed; and a place meet others. You can’t even rent an unheated storage facility for that small amount of money.

And if you have to rent a motel room every time you go out, the cost of one night in a descent motel will cover up to three months rent at TranSpace.

For 24 hour access I honestly don’t think you could find a more user friendly facility anywhere within the city limits of Seattle. We’ve even had the fire marshal inspect and bestow his blessings upon the place.

I have had a room at this location for over two years now and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. No more grousing from my SO while I’m getting ready to go out. No more complaining because I’m taking up all the closet space. And best of all, no more worries about the neighbors. Now I can come and go as Karen any time of day and any day of the week. Believe me, it has opened horizons for me that I had only dreamed of in years past.

You need not be a member of Emerald City to take advantage of this facility. We are there for anyone dealing with a gender issue that needs an inexpensive place to store and change clothes.

Want to know more? Just send us email Leave a message, and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible. But don’t wait. There is already a waiting list, and space is limited. Send your request now, and put in your reservation.
Address of facility: 10522 Lake City Way NE, C203,  Seattle, WA

Email Address:

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